Sarah + Greg| “We love to run”

Running, I wouldn’t really call it a hobby! (hehe) But, there are some that do. Sarah + Greg met each other during an Athletics meet. They both are really into their running –  so much so that they both compete in events across Australia!

Greg is a champion with such a gentle nature and Sarah is just an all-round legend. I was stoked when they asked me to photograph their wedding!  But before we shot their wedding we spent an afternoon up on the Northern Beaches just hanging out.   🙂


Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0001 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0002 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0003 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0004 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0005 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0006 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0007 Sarah_Greg_Blog_Image_0008


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