My name is Brendan Samuels and I am an Asian in a white guys body, a creative wanderer and story teller. I enjoy travelling the world, cooking and taking photos.

I began my career as a photographer straight out of High school and was photographing the NRL. Rather than being your typical 18 year old heading out to night clubs, I was studying and was mentored by amazing photographers who taught me values which I uphold today. Whilst focusing on the NRL and other sporting events, I started photographing friends and friends of friends weddings and after a few years of juggling full time work and being a weekend warrior, I quit my full time job to pursue the “hobby”, I worked with several Sydney based studios for several years before taking a leap out and deciding to launch Brenmakasih, pronounced (Bren – ma – ka – see).

The photos that I love taking are fun, candid, intimate and real. I create images that I want would want hanging up on my wall. I believe that photographs have the opportunity to preserve precious memories. They are so much more than just a USB. They are personal connection to a place in time. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph couples from around the world and around the world.

My desire with photography is to touch people’s lives. If we get to hangout and take some photos, thank you for entrusting me.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your story.

If it hasn’t happened yet, I hope we can.


Feel free to give me a call on 0401 876 797 or get in touch via email:

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