Sue + Shaun | “Just the usual, thanks”

We met at Max Brenner and I knew within 5 minutes that Sue and Shaun were genuinely a lovely and fun couple. She’s a school teacher and he’s an engineer. I wanted to photograph their wedding. A few days later, confirmation and BOOM I was looking forward to what was going to be an awesome time together…

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Tradition tells you that you should do things a certain way. Sue didn’t want to confirm to this way of thinking. They had their ceremony the day before at St Patrick’s Chapel in Strathfield. It was a low-key affair with close friends and family. Afterwards they went out to the pub to celebrate. On the Saturday we arrived, Sue was on her laptop and I asked her “are you looking at your speech?” “Nah, just some work!” I can empathise as my wife is the same in that she’s always on her laptop doing school work.

We did a first look at the house before heading to Paddington reserve and Centennial park for some fun. After that we made our way to Deckhouse. Sue had told me that there would be Lebanese drummers for the grand entrance. Shaun had mentioned that he wasn’t sure what to do, but he just went for it. It was awesome seeing Shaun get into the dancing with the drummers and just have a really good time.

Sue + Shaun, thanks for placing your trust in me. We had a blast capturing your day and we hope that as you look back on these images you’re reminded about your love for each other.


Photography by: Brenmakasih
Videography by: Tim Kho films
Wedding Reception: Deckhouse

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