Emily + Jacque’s wedding: “Lights will guide you home”

It was about 4:30am on the day of the wedding when I fell asleep.

Emily and I started our first day on the job together. We made small talk and discovered a few similarities.
She was Indo. I had an Indo wife. Okay, well that was it (LOL!) but we became mates.

Time passed and we went our separate ways. About 12 months later, I get a phone call, “Hey Brendo, how are you? Are you free on this date? Wanna shoot my wedding?” 

With that bit of a giggly excitement in my voice, I replied, “Sure, no probs”.

It was about 4:30am on the day of the wedding, when I fell asleep. For some reason I get butterflies in my belly before a shoot and that Friday night was no different. I finally fell asleep and then the alarm goes off. {You know that feeling, like when you’re going on a holiday overseas and you can’t sleep and then when you do, the alarm goes off!}

I met two of the coolest people, Felicia and William, who were shooting video on the day. We met at Maccas in Lithgow, discussed the game plan for the day, and – Nah, just kidding! We complained how we didn’t have anywhere near enough sleep and that we were all sipping down cans of Redbull to the get energy for today’s wedding.

It was going to be a special day and we wanted to do the best job possible. What we got was something more special. What we witnessed was priceless. The love that Jacques and Em share is beyond words. These two love the Lord Jesus and you can see it in the way they live their lives.  They met each other during the Haiti earthquake. It took a few years but they were finally able to celebrate their special day. (The Australian wedding)

About 16 hours later, it was time to travel from Lithgow back to Sydney. I headed to Lithgow with mixed emotions and feelings. I left Lithgow feeling privileged to have witnessed something so magical. It made me realise how special a wedding day is and what it represents. Because of this wedding, I feel so honoured that I get to do what I do.

Jacques + Em, thank you for allowing me to capture part of your story. I look forward to seeing more of the #seliscarstory as you live out your lives.

Lots of love,

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