Kimuly + Michael’s beloved engagement session | “Things will never go to plan”

In the week leading up to the shoot I decided to pop up to the Blue Mountains to scout out King’s Tableland. It was perfect. I watched the sunset and it was peaceful.

On the day of the shoot, the wind was blowing over 55km’s p/hour, it was freezing cold, and I’m pretty sure I saw some snow clouds. Kimuly and Michael pushed on in true form. I was pretty fortunate to have my brother in-law Andrew come along and help keep me company.

We found another place just round the corner and thought this would be a cool place to start. The wind wasn’t so crazy and we had some fun. I really enjoy getting to know more about a couple when I ask certain questions or make them yell random things and it was evident that these guys are just fun people who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

WHY pre-wedding sessions ?

I’m a firm believer in spending quality time with your beloved. When I think back to our wedding planning and having met hundreds of couples who have also planned their wedding, it can be a pretty “hectic” time and you can get lost in the business of it all. So, if you can press pause on the hecticness and just hang out, I think it’s time well spent. What you’re left with is a reminder of why you fell in love and what’s brought you to this next chapter.

It’s also probably one of the last few times that you’ll want to get photographed aside from your wedding (we all know what tends to happens after marriage!)


I’ve decided that I want to call a pre-wedding session or a portrait session a beloved session. A time spent with your dearly loved. An opportunity to forget about the rest of the world and just spend some time together as a couple.



P.S – I’m not a super salesy kinda guy, but if you’re interested in having a beloved session I’d love to chat with you more and see what we can create.

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