Kimuly + Michael | “A day to remember”

In the days leading up to Kimuly and Michael’s wedding I was pretty excited. You see they’re the sort of couple photographers dream about; Chilled, easy going, fun to be with and just genuinely amazing people. I knew that it was going to be an amazing day and it was nothing short of amazing. When I met Kimuly in the morning she was with the girls, they were chilled and just enjoying the morning listening to music sipping champagne and eating (I CAN’T STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF EATING! NO ONE LIKES A HANGRY BRIDZILLA)  hehe

The more I photograph couples, the more I look at schedules, excel spreadsheet v1. v1.2, v2, v2.1 and then google shared folder and docs the more I start to encourage couples not to worry about all of these versions. There are times where it’s granted to make a last minute change here or there but don’t lose focus on the reason that you’re there. EACH OTHER. In the lead up to your wedding I’ll spend a bit of time going through the plan for the day and work through each part of your timeline most given that 90% of the time that photographers are the ones who will be there from the early morning through until you jump in your car, so we’ve got a pretty good understanding about timing.  I want the couples that I photograph to enjoy the day. Not to worry about the spreadsheet and focus on celebrating with your loved ones.

Kimuly and Michael, did just that – focused on having fun.

This is their story.

Kimuly and Michael, you two are possibly my favourite human beings on earth. I love the both of you.



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