Dan + Cello | Our future is now

Have you ever gone home from a date and just felt so warm and bubbly on the inside ?

Do you find yourself clicking on refresh hoping to receive a notification from that same person?

Can you see yourself and your future right before your eyes?

When talking with couples there’s something so special about the “we just knew” there’s a chemistry that doesn’t need instructions. There’s a look in each others eyes that has confidence and security. There’s a touch of comfort that is as warm as a furnace.

When I caught up with Dan and Cello we were talking about their relationship over hot chocolates and I knew there would be something special. I wasn’t available to shoot their wedding however what we captured was something that was just as special for me (as a creative) we got up at 3am to witness the sunrise spent the morning on the beach. There wasn’t a soul in sight. After a few nanna naps and a house inspection (hehe yes that was me) we spent the afternoon frolicking around Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains.

Here’s a little snippet of our time together.

Dan + Cello, you two are as wonderful as it gets for a client but even more so you’re so special and your love for each other is nothing short of an example. Wishing you both all of the best for your life as Hubby n’ Wifey.



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