The Anderson Family. “The clan”

Back in the day I wasn’t really one to do maternity or newborn shoots as I really didn’t know what to do. Jono, a seasoned parent, asked me to take some photos of his newborn Matilda. “Don’t worry Samuels, you’ll be right”

“Errr…….. Okay..” I’d never done a newborn shoot before.

I arrived at their house early on Monday morning thinking I’d be about an hour or two. 5 hours later I had learnt all about parenting, raising toddlers and a newborn’s cycle. I learnt that you can create the plans, but a baby will throw those plans out the door.

That aside, we had a blast and I’m so thankful that Jono persisted and convinced me to pop over to his place. The kids were amazing. Jono and Sarah, you guys know how to pop out good looking kids! 🙂

Thanks for the toast and memories.


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