Okay, so it’s going to cost how much? 

It’s  natural to want to talk about money up front but the truth is, all weddings are different and therefore I’ve created packages to be accomodating of your different needs. I am flexible, so if we’re going to Paris instead of Penrith I’ll work with you to ensure that we can cater to what matters to you most. Whether we’re capturing an intimate elopement in the Blue Mountains or a lavish party abroad, I’d love to hear more about your wedding and tailor a package that’s right for you.  Head over to my contact form and provide me with as much information as you can and I will email you with our packages.
Wedding day Packages start from $3900

I also offer elopements, engagement and family sessions. Send me an email to find out more about pricing.


How long will we have to wait for our photos?

Back in the day, there was a perception that you had to spend hours, weeks and months editing photos. To get something write, it does take time, however I also believe that we’re pretty fortunate to live in a world that’s greatly connected and pretty much ‘in the moment’. After your wedding, I’ll head back home and back up your images two seperate hard drives with an additional back up that’s held offsite. After your wedding and while your honeymooning, I’ll be glued to my laptop and editing with some Netflixing and working on each image to ensure that they reflect your story.

Typically a wedding gallery will take about 4-6 weeks to get back to you! Of course, I’ll be spamming you with a few teasers just to whet the palette and ensure that you’re excited to receive your photos!

For an engagement / portrait sessions delivery is typically 2-3 weeks.


How do we receive our photos?

That depends on if you’re naughty or nice. I check my list twice. For weddings, you will receive a collection of approximately  700 + images all edited by me. They will be ready for you to view via an online gallery which you can share with your family and friends.

I also believe in having something tangible and therefore supply all of my couples with a USB and collection of prints.

Albums are also available and we work very closely with you to get the story right. Our albums are fine art albums made with love, the best quality papers and fabrics. They are all customer made for each client. Let me know if you’re interested in an album and I can send you more information.


Can we get a second shooter? 

Yes! Second shooters are a great investment for your wedding day. There’s no right or wrong if you decide not to have one. For me, I’ve found that it can be helpful having a second set of eyes and hands when there might be some travel involved (i.e you and your partner are getting ready at two different locations) or if there might be more than 120 people attending your wedding. Whilst I photograph weddings mostly solo, having an extra set of eyes to capture some extra moments from your day is always beneficial.

My second shooters share the same passion as me and LOVE working with couples, so you can be assured you’re not going to have that creepy guy with a big zoom lens hiding in the bushes capturing ‘candids’.


Do you have insurance and back up equipment?

Yes, yes and yes. I’ve been photographing weddings for more than 10 years and have learnt a few lessons along the way. I always bring up back up equipment to every shoot and thankfully haven’t had to ever use it. I have helped photographers who were photographing near me who’s gear suddenly stopped working.

I also have public liability insurance that covers me up to 20 million dollars.


Do you travel?

Yes! I love adventures and would love to be a third wheel on yours.

Travel fees and packages for anything interstate and overseas are slightly different from our normal packages and that’s because we need to factor in travel, accomodation and any other hidden gems along the way. For interstate weddings usually 1-2 nights is required and for anything overseas 2-4 nights accomodation. It’s best to get in touch with me and discuss the plans and I’ll tailor something specifically for you.


Do you offer videography?

Yes! I work with a few videographers who offer a slightly different approach depending on what type of story telling you’d prefer. Both photo and video have the ability to create beautiful memories and for me it’s important that they reflect you! Let’s have a chat, I’ll show you some of our samples and let’s see which videographer is the right one for you?


Do you work with other suppliers?

Yes! For me regardless of who I’m working with I constantly ensure that we work together seamlessly to ensure you day goes off without a hitch. At times I can often feel like a wedding planner because, well the truth is that most of the time photographers and videographers are the ones who are there with you from the start of the day to the end of the night.

I’ll work with you before your wedding to create a timeline for the day, provide suggestions (if asked) about photo locations and most importantly discuss what we’re ordering from maccas after the ceremony.

For me, I love working with all different type of suppliers to bring your day together. I’ve learn’t that there’s no cookie cutter approach and that the best way is to connect with likeminded people see the same vision as you. So if we’re eloping in Blue Mountains or escaping to Bali let’s work together and discuss ways to ensure your day is told the way it deserves!


What’s next?

Get in touch!

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